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HEALTH: NHI still somewhere on the distant horizon

Financial Mail - 2 days ago
The health budget is the second-largest after education. The NHI fund was back on the cards after its maiden appearance in the budget last year. In 2017, then finance minister Pravin Gordhan...

Huggies raises awareness around childbirth education this February

Germiston City News - 2 weeks ago
Huggies introduced The Huggies Club at public clinics across the country in 2016 to raise awareness on the importance of childbirth education. The Huggies Club facilitates a number of health talks...

SONA 2018 – Cyril Ramaphosa: Our task, as South Africans, is to seize this moment of hope and renewal

Daily Maverick - 1 week ago
We know, however, that if we are to break the cycle of poverty, we need to educate the children of the poor. We have insisted that this should start in early childhood. Today we have nearly a million...

'Because we are poor, we are being turned away'

Independent Online - 4 weeks ago
“Education is a basic right and necessity, so why deny my children that right? “I feel because we are poor, we are being turned away. I am really struggling to give my children a future and...

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