These two fizzy drinks may increase risk of diabetes

Magenta Magazine - 5 days ago
Two drinks in a week, according to one study, raises the risk of diabetes by 42 per cent. Experts say drinks with added sugar, which also include fruit juice, cause the body to think it is being...

Living with diabetes? You have the right to information and support

Independent Online - 2 months ago
The successful management of a chronic condition such as diabetes is largely dependent on conscientious daily self-care, but for many, particularly at diagnosis, diabetes can feel overwhelming....

Maternal blood sugar may affect baby's heart

Independent Online - 4 weeks ago
Women with high blood sugar early in pregnancy may raise their baby's risk of developing a congenital heart defect, according to a study. While it has been long known that diabetes in pregnancy...

World Diabetes day

Independent Online - 2 months ago
He said: “With current research showing the impact of stress, job strain, sleep abnormalities and food security on increased risk of diabetes - there's now an even stronger need for education...

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